Kindergarten English GPS

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Charlottesville City Schools’ purpose is to develop and to nurture skilled, strategic readers and writers. Our goal is for students to meet or exceed grade level standards, possess motivation to read, consider themselves writers, communicate effectively, and comprehend text across all disciplines.

Charlottesville City Schools believe that instruction in English/language arts is best accomplished within a comprehensive curriculum. All children are guaranteed equal access to grade level standards and curriculum. CCS expects that all teachers are knowledgeable in the Virginia Standards of Learning and use the most current Guides to Pacing and Standards (GPS). All teachers are expected to follow the pacing guide for skill-based instruction as outlined in pacing guides located on the GPS.

Only scientific, research-based practices will be included in the instructional frameworks for Charlottesville City Schools. Scientific, research-based practices stem from research that apply rigorous, systematic, and objective procedures to obtain valid knowledge relevant to reading development, reading instruction, and reading difficulties (National Reading Panel).